"Well... I suppose I could take just 3 guineas..." Holmes replies dubiously.\n[[Accept the offer]]\n<<set $poor = true>>\n<<set $wallet = 10>>\n
"Excellent, Dr. Watson! I look forward to continuing our conversation at Baker Steeet."\n[[Baker Street]]
<html><img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd/Sherlock_Holmes_Portrait_Paget.jpg"></html>\nSherlock Holmes stands here. He fixes you in his gaze, saying "Dr. Watson, I presume? You come at the right time. As a medical man, I could make use of your knowledge. A man was found unconscious yesterday in Frying Pan Alley. Some locals think he worked at a cement kiln, others at the local brewery. I've just mixed some residue from his clothes with phenolphthalein, and it turned pink. Dr. Watson, do you realize what this means?" You reply:\n[[He's a cement worker]]\n[[He's a brewer]]
You agree with Holmes, and go to bed. Before turning in, you check your wallet: you have <<print $wallet>> guineas left for the rest of the month - clearly, you will need to look for a job soon.
After many years abroad, you return to London. You are looking for someone to share a room with, and are directed to the lab at the local hospital, to speak with a gentleman by the name of Sherlock Holmes.\n[[The Hospital Lab]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $lostmoney = Math.round(Math.random() * 8)+2>>\n<<set $wallet = $wallet - $lostmoney>>\n<<endsilently>>You agree, and a few hours later your wallet is <<print $lostmoney>> guineas lighter, leaving you with <<print $wallet>> guineas for the rest of the month. You retire to bed, impressed by Holmes' gaming prowess.
"Splendid! I'll let Mrs.Hudson know", Holmes replies.\n<<if $poor>>\nHolmes is clearly sympathetic to your current financial woes, and offers to buy dinner. You gratefully accept.\n<<else>>\nGrateful to have a place to stay, you offer to buy dinner, and Holmes happily accepts.\n<<endif>>\n[[After Dinner]]
The rooms you hope to share with Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street. The room is cluttered and somewhat shabby, but cozy nonetheless. An old Persian slipper lies on a mantelpiece.\n<<actions "Ask about the slipper" "Ask about the rent">>
Holmes sits back in a worn yet comfortable armchair, and sighs. He then turns to you and says:\n<<if $poor>>\n[[You must be exhausted - we can talk more in the morning.]]\n<<else>>\n[[How about a few rounds of backgammon?]]\n<<endif>>\n
Watson's First Case: The Game Is Afoot
I think five guineas should cover it nicely - what do you think?\n[[Accept the offer]]\n[[Ask for a lower price]]\n<<set $poor = false>>\n<<set $wallet = 100>>\n
Ruben R. Puentedura - Based on characters created by Sir A.C. Doyle
"Dr. Watson, whatever your other merits as a doctor might be, you have clearly become rusty in your chemical knowledge. I do not think it would profit us to continue our conversation."\nSherlock Holmes turns his back to you, and you slowly walk away, wondering at what might have been.
"That's where I keep my tobacco", Holmes replies.\n<<display "Baker Street">>